Hotel Villa Linneo is home to 9 Rooms, very quiet and each furnished differently. Decorated in a particular color palette, they are embellished with unique fabrics and furnishing elements.


Equipped with all comforts, our standard rooms stand out for their comfort and style, each furnished differently from the other whit an innovative mix of colour, pattern, and texture, they are a mix of classic and contemporary elements.


Spacious and light, the deluxe rooms are magnificently furnished with particular fabrics and a refined collection of objects. In each room there is a beautiful Victorian cast iron bathtub. The bathrooms, equipped with all comforts, have comfortable Devon and Devon showers.


Our Junior suite combines an elegant bedroom with a refined living area that can be used as a third bed. A small private garden completes the room.


Hotel Villa Linneo is a perfect location for small special events, team buildings, meetings, press conference.

We have a dedicated Events department with a well informed and professional team trained to deal with your individual requirements.


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